Medical editing: Contents with added value for your target group

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Why are getting editorial contents more and more important?

Content is king. This phrase has been true for many years and is nowadays more topical than ever.* Especially in the healthcare sector, Internet users react less and less to bold and simple advertising messages and mere advertising blurbs, but seek specifically for answers to a question.** High-quality content is an important component for having a high Google ranking and, therefore, to make the user visit your website.

Embed a page in your website on which you can answer your target groups' questions and provide target-group-specific content with added value. Non-professionals, for example, look for symptoms and information about disease patterns, whereas expert groups search for current studies**. Within this thematic environment, an opportunity is provided to refer to your products and to encourage affected people to avail themselves of your help.


* Forsa poll, Silverpop 2013
** MSL- healthcare study 2012, GfK study Pharma goes digital, 2012

Our main focus on medical editing and content marketing

We find the right words! With search-engine-optimised medical content on a non-professional and professional level, you can reach your target group optimally. We work exclusively in the healthcare sector and we are familiar with its characteristics and its particular legal regulations. Simultaneously, you can draw profit from our expertise in search engine optimisation.

Our services in medical editing and content marketing

  • Keyword analysis and analysis of online search and information behaviour
  • Target-group-specific definitions of issues and contents
  • Search-engine-optimised writing of editorial contents for non-professionals and expert groups
  • Proof reading and copy editing of texts
  • Compiling feature plans
  • Picture desk
  • Compiling infographics and animations
  • web analysis to measure the success of your message

Your advantages at a glance

  • Consideration of online search and information behaviour of your target group - already at the conception stage
  • High interest of visitors thanks to contents with genuine added value
  • High-quality content on the levels of expert groups and non-professionals
  • Contents in accordance with the particular legal regulations of the healthcare industry
  • Reliable customer connectivity by target-group-specific information
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How does xeomed proceed?

  1. We know your target group. We ascertain your target groups' online search and information behaviour and undertake a keyword analysis to figure out how to reach your target group the best possible way.

  2. Text creation: The creation of texts is search-engine-optimised with due regard to an ideal structure and the application of relevant search items - to guarantee an optimal reading flow.

  3. Visual realisation of your message. We reinforce your message with appropriate graphic elements. Among editorial texts and advice pages, we also create e-books and infographics.

  4. We maintain your content management system and thus lighten your workload considerably.

  5. We measure the feedback to your contents. Within the scope of our web analysis, we figure out whether your message reaches yourtarget group. In this way, we are able to enhance your website continuously and to adjust your website consequently for your customers' needs.

You are interested in our services in medical editing and content marketing?  – We will be glad to give you more information