Google AdWords (SEA) in the healthcare sector

SEA Healthcare

What are Google AdWords?

Alongside search engine optimisation (SEO), you have the opportunity to place your website in the view of your target group with search engine advertising (Google AdWords).

Google AdWords are text adverts linked to your website. Those adverts are displayed at a prominent position on the search results page of the search items you selected. 

Why Google AdWords?

The principle of Google AdWords is to place ads at the point of highest interest - the moment of search queries. When a user is typing in one of your defined keywords, the advert will appear. Furthermore, we define - according to prior agreement with you - individual search items specific to your target group for your advert to appear. By these means, your target group is reached directly. 


Google AdWords - your advantages at a glance

  • Efficient cost-benefit ratio
  • You pay only if your advert is actually clicked on
  • Appealing to your target group directly at the point of search queries
  • Accuratetely controllable timing
  • High flexibility
  • Low wastage
  • Continuous optimisation by xeomed
  • Your labour input: Approving advertising copies

How does xeomed proceed?

  1. We analyse the search behaviour of your target group and define appropriate keywords to minimise wastage.

  2. We create attention-grabbing adverts tailored to your target group with regards to the legal guidelines of the healthcare industry.

  3. We continuously supervise the performance of your campaigns and modulate them efficiently – for a maximised advertising effect.

  4. We optimise your campaigns on the basis of their performance development – to reach the best possible results within the scope of your invested budget.

You are interested in Google AdWords? We will be glad to give you more information!

Did you know? Search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA) are a perfect team!