Search engine optimisation (SEO) in the sector of healthcare

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What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation is the construction of contents, technical standards, information architecture and linkings of a website with the aim of being found easily by Google. Furthermore, SEO embraces all aspects improving usability - as swift loading times, and an intelligible, neat website design.

Google is the search engine with the globally highest market share of about 95%. For this very reason, it is recommendable to optimise your website for Google.

Why search engine optimisation?

About 90% of first steps on the Internet start with a search query - this is particularly true for the healthcare sector. Patients and their relatives use search engines to inform themselves about symptoms, diseases and forms of treatment. Expert Groups, such as doctors, pharmacists, and managers of hospitals and care facilities, regularly use the internet to get information about professional issues like OTC- and RX-products. Your target group is using Google - Start now from where they are! 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) - your advantage at a glance

  • SEO is the most effective channel for short and medium-dated target group appeal
  • Your message is received by prospective customers with a definite need of your product
  • Addressing your target group at the right time - at the moment they are seeking for advice
  • Prospective customers are led to your website 
  • Visitors approach your website via search results - independently from ad placements
  • Competitive advantages through a higher visibility within Google
  • Completion and management of the whole process by xeomed
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How does xeomed proceed?

  1. We analyse the established website on its potential of optimisation.

  2. We speak the language of your target group. Due to our expertise in healthcare industries, we are familiar with search behaviour and align your website with it.

  3. We make sure that your target group's attention will be drawn to your website - via the best possible ranking on Google.

  4. We have the visibility of your website in mind. Google's algorithm is changing regularly. We take systematic care that your website has a long-term high ranking.

  5. We analyse the reach of your website and make your individual success measurable.


xeomed specializes in online marketing for companies in medical technology and pharmaceuticals.

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